Courses for Polish language teachers from abroad


"The teacher of the Polish language and literature in the face of transformations of modern culture, and the newest tendencies of programme and method teaching of the Polish language and literature"

The course is organised in July.

It is offered to teachers working outside Poland who want to improve their didactic competence supplementing their knowledge with the phenomena in modern Polish culture. Its aim is to orientate participants to the issues of the newest Polish literature and culture in the broad sense treated as an area for recognition and potential for new forms of education. The participants of the course have the opportunity to know new didactic strategies, which can be the answer to cultural transformations of nowadays.

The content of the course classes consists of issues of transformations in modern Polish literature, theory of literary research, culture of the contemporary Polish language, history and theory of the Polish film and theatre, recent tendencies in methods of teaching Polish literature and the Polish language as a foreign language. The participants have also the opportunity of attending workshops which improve the teacher’s methodololgical competence.

The course is organized to follow the directive of the Polonijne Centrum Nauczycielskie w Lublinie, which qualifies and grants the participants of the course.

Place of the course:
Classes are held at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, Dewajtis Street 5 (Bielany district).

Classes are conducted by the academics of the Institute of Polish Philology of the UKSW Faculty of Humanities.

Teachers of Polish as a foreign language outside Poland, teachers of the Polish language and culture abroad and tutors of foreign groups attending the contest of the Polish language and literature (Olimpiada Języka i Literatury Polskiej).

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We'd like to kindly inform you that in 2012 the course organized with the support from Polonijne Centrum Nauczycielskie w Lublinie won't be held.


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